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Heliocyan Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 2:15 PM
  Hi folks, 

  I have been watching :iconheliocyan: for around 6 years and absolutely love her artwork.

  On Wednesday we met up so I could grab a copy of her new booklet. Claudia is SO friendly, polite and funny, it was a
  pleasure to meet up and we had a great little chat, even in the FREEZING cold! )

  I thought I would feature some of my favourites from Claudia's gallery, plus check out her Etsy shop 
  and I'd definitely recommend taking a look at her new booklet . Enjoy :)

   Tiger canvas by Heliocyan

  Jurassic Coast Map by Heliocyan   Set in stone by Heliocyan    Great Grey Owl by Heliocyan     The elusive Malayan Peacock-Pheasant by Heliocyan

  The Mountain King by Heliocyan   The old king by Heliocyan    Don't come any closer by Heliocyan    Nightwatch by Heliocyan

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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 4:34 PM
If you would like to buy one of my drawings or commission your own, send me a note and we'll sort something out :)

Cheers, Dan

Cameron Diaz 2 by danUK86  Carlos Santana by danUK86  Mini by danUK86  Liz Hurley by danUK86

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Youtube Shoutout

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 16, 2016, 12:31 PM
Just wanted to give a special shoutout to Sherrys Vloggin, an awesome family of vloggers from Scotland . They mentioned my site on their vlog last night and wanted to return the favour! They go on all sorts of fun adventures in the beautiful Scottish scenery so check them out :) cheers!…

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 8, 2016, 10:45 AM
Hi folks, 

Haven't posted a journal in YEARS,  hopefully you are all having a great start to the year!

I am now taking commissions for pencil work, be it a landscape, portrait, pet, or anything else inbetween, send me a private message and we can sort something out. 

Check out my pencil gallery for existing work.

Apologies for lack of uploads, I have over 3000 photos from Scotland , Wales and lots of car pics to sort, edit and upload the best, so expect lots of uploads soon.

For people who watched me for my drawings, again it's been ages but planning on drawing more this year.
All the best for 2016!

Cheers, Dan

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Journal Entry: Wed May 9, 2012, 12:57 AM
Hey folks,

Apologies for lack of replies/messages etc, been pretty busy and the message centre/devs did their usual trick of piling up into the tens of thousands! Slowly catching up on submissions and stuff and for the frst time this year, managed to get out with my camera :D Got to Wales  for a few days and took hundreds of pics, so look forward to editing those and finally posting some new stuff up! So how is everyone?


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2011, 8:07 AM
Hey folks,
              Been a while since my last journal (again) and I've been pretty inactive as far as photos are concerned, but now the weathers picked up then so will I :D Apologies to those who watch me for my pencil work, last time I promised new drawings and never got round to them, but I promise I will this time :D Few new ones coming soon, some DA members too!

Its that time of year again, our next mission to Scotland has been booked.. a week in June with my Brother this time. We will be spending a week in the Dumfries and Galloway area, aswell as scoping out some new locations for landscape photos, maybe some star shots that we didnt get round to last time aswell, we will be panning for some serious gold in the streams and rivers of the Lowther Hills.

Because we'll be working hard in the day and it'll be midge season, we've ditched camping for the first time ever and I've booked a week in this beautiful 18th century cottage in Scotlands highest village Wanlockhead, at 1531 ft above sea level. Even has a wood fire to accompany our fine Scotch single malts :D So that should be a blast, can't wait..

Anyway, heres some recent faves worth sharing ,

             down to earth by PatrickWally Lenticular Fire by davidrichterphoto morning lanscape 52 by wienwal :thumb202780666:
             Cindulang Waterfall by thesaintdevil :thumb203801891: Kaiko's Gate by Zend99 AVALANCHE by scribblyscribble

And I recently found :iconthomas-koidhis: 's gallery which definately deserves a look, stunning photography :)

                                      Emerald City by Thomas-Koidhis         Geyser by Thomas-Koidhis         Another try by Thomas-Koidhis
Organ by Thomas-Koidhis Dimensions by Thomas-Koidhis Surfing the horizon by Thomas-Koidhis

Update and Features

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 24, 2010, 4:08 PM
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G'day folks..

Thought it was time for an update.

Firstly, I finally have some new pencil work coming pretty soon. I know people have been waiting over 2 years for some drawings.. got some musicians, some dA members, and some cars , all coming soon :)
Also a trip to Scotland in 2 weeks or so, trying some new locations and an old favourite sunset location of mine.
Hopefully we'll spend a night at the UK's first 'dark sky park' which is the Galloway Forest Park, given the name last year, its one of only 4 in the world, so if we get a nice clear night, some stargazing and photos are in order, looking forward to that :) Any tips for photographing stars are also greatly appreciated as it's fairly new to me :lol:

Also, if there are any guitarists here, I have a Marshall valve amp for sale, mote me if interested :D

Take care guys and heres some recent favs :)

Lavender by SebastianKraus Footprints by andyjimmy
Morskie Oko, pt.1 by c1n3kk Cairnpapple Glow by FlippinPhil
Gift of Light by Nate-Zeman Sweet Desert Rain by MorkelErasmus
Vivid by Dani-Lefrancois Summerscape by Meowgli
:thumb171798434: :thumb171613288:

Features and Helvellyn : Mk II

Journal Entry: Fri May 21, 2010, 2:36 PM
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Evening folks! Hope everyones doing alright? :)

Firstly, I know a lot of people watch me for my pencil artwork and not my photography, and its been over 2 years now since I've posted any.
Sorry about that, but I definately have some work lined up, once the stuff below is sorted :)

I just posted the last of my shots from our Scotland trip, hope you enjoyed them, and I'll surely be back! Still pics to come, though, last Saturday my brother and I headed back to the Lake District to climb Striding Edge up to the top of Helvellyn.

Last time we tried this, when we hit the cloud line at about 750m, we got caught up in an 80mph hailstorm and my Canon 5D was completely destroyed.
This time we had a beautiful day up in the 20's, sunshine all day, trekked up Striding Edge, up to Helvellyn and back down Swirral Edge.
Fantastic walk, beautiful day.. and I finally got to see what the 5D MKII is made of. Pics to come soon ;)

Today I wiped over 400 pics from my gallery and next job is updating some old images so my apologies if you get a load of old shots in your inbox!

Anyway, take care, and heres some recent faves :nod:

Velebit 2 by bagba My Africa 14 by catman-suha
Sexy boots by dejz0r Eastern Sierra Lupine by narmansk8
Iceland - this way of glacier by PatiMakowska :thumb163343715:
Swirl - NCB by coulombic Eastern Sierra Lupine Sunrise by narmansk8
Lago Maggiore da Cardada by valentina85 Outback Scooter by CainPascoe
Sway by Meowgli Kotor town by Grofica

New camera and features

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2009, 10:43 AM
Evening folks :nod:

Finally some good news :D After my Canon 5D drowned a couple weeks back, I took a screwdriver to it, completely took it apart, the water damage was pretty bad. The good news is my 5D MKII arrived last week, along with more memory, a Lensbaby Composer and a 12mm fisheye optic from Lensbabys Optic Swap system.
Used it at a party, but still need to give it a proper test.
So next year I hope my gallery will be a bit more experimental, and hope to go back to drawing more, while fitting in the usual landscapes and travels, if all goes to plan :)

More good news, I finally subscribed for a year, so heres (hopefully) a nice feature for the first time in 4 years! Enjoy :D

In love with my own sin by PlastikStars Flying glass by PlastikStars by :iconplastikstars:

This (left) is my favourite portrait in a long time, Rachel is a fantastic model and you should check out her gallery if you already haven't seen it! Definately my fave portraits on DA :nod:

The view by lori77 Portofino, Italy by lori77 by :iconlori77:

Lori has some lovely photos from around the world and is just as lovely herself, and very supportive, so drop by and say hello ;)

Extremities by JonnyGoodboy Where Woolly Jumpers Roam by JonnyGoodboy by :iconjonnygoodboy:

Jonathan has some of my favourite landscapes and cityscapes on DA, top chap :nod:

The Valley by horai Shadow Play 2 by horai by :iconhorai:

I've known Bernie on here for ages, real nice guy and has a varied and colourful gallery which you should go and see.. and he lives in my favourite area of the country so I'm quite partial to his landscapes :nod:

More to come soon :)

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Well yesterday was eventful,

Went walking in the Lake District (North of England) yesterday, although the weather is bad we decided to go for a hike anyway. Near the summit of Helvellyn, as we got to cloud height, the clouds came in FAST and we were hit with 80mph hailstones, before I had chance to put my waterproof cover on my bag. We turned back without reaching the summit.. got back to the carpark and my bag was soaked. I got my camera out first and it was half full of water.
  It's now being dryed out but its not looking good :(
Hey Guys,

Haven't been around for a while as you may have noticed, but it was for the best :D

Been on a +2000 mile camping trip around the wilder parts of Scotland, climbing mountain ranges, Munro's, riding bikes, exploring the coast, severe 120mph winds on the Isle Of Skye, lots of famous photography spots, landmarks and castles, and even finding the odd bit of gold ;)
Of course I took thousands of photos along the way, can't wait to edit through them.. although it'll be a nightmare choosing which to post, without ending up with thousands on here :lol:

Spent the last week or so starting to edit my photos and also put some of my older devs into storage to stop my deviations going into the thousands!

Hope you're all well, and I hope you all enjoy my photos. May be a while before I start posting them all, but if you watch me, add me on MSN .. and I'll send you a few teasers ;)
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